FaqAce Entertainment

Is it possible to meet the DJ that we would be hiring before the event?

If it makes you feel more comfortable, absolutely! We can schedule a place and time to meet and discuss your event in complete detail. You are not obligated to book me at that time. The consultation is free of cost!

How do you price your DJ services?

Pricing depends on location of the event, distance we would traveling, how many hours our company is needed and also if more than one PA system is required.

Is a deposit required when booking you for an event?

Yes. To reserve a specific date for you and ONLY you, a deposit is required. A deposit of $200.00 with the balance due no later than the events end. The deposit is nonrefundable.

What if I need to cancel my event?

Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. We understand. As mentioned above, the deposit is nonrefundable for the following reason: We reserve our services for your date but that doesn’t mean we won’t receive calls from would be potential customers inquiring on our availability. We turn business away all the time because we have committed to you and in many cases over a year in advance.

When do you expect the balance to be paid in full?

Payment of balance is preferred at the beginning of the event or before event concludes.

What are your payment options?

Cash, credit or debit card and also a check are all options of payment.

Will we receive a written contract?

Yes. Once we have discussed your event and equipment needed for the job, we will mail out a contract with detailed specifics. All you need to do is read and sign.

Do you have a business license?


Is your business insured?


Should we offer a meal for the DJ?

That is up to the client. It’s not necessary but if you would like us to enjoy a meal, chances are we won’t turn it down. In most cases the DJ and Photographer would eat at the same time. If we do eat, it is normally inhaled.

Can you provide music for a wedding ceremony?

Yes. Although, if the wedding ceremony is at a different location, there is a separate charge for the second PA. The additional system would be needed because once the ceremony ends your guests will likely be heading to the reception location and we need to be set up in advance for your guest’s arrival.

How much experience do you have doing weddings and receptions?

Plenty. Most of the jobs we do ARE wedding receptions. It’s what we specialize in. We have been working wedding ceremonies and receptions since becoming established in 1980. Many of the couples we have performed weddings for, are now having us perform their children’s weddings. Mind blowing.

Will you be wearing a tux?

Always. When it comes to wedding receptions, looking sharp and professional never hurts. In some cases our clients say it isn’t necessary and to dress semi casual or in a suit. It is a question we ask our clients and we abide to their request.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use both Peavey powered systems and speakers and the incredible sound of Bose. Both systems carry the quality sound you would expect when hiring a professional. Wireless mics are also provided.

What about lighting?

Lighting at times can be tricky. If the room is bright, the dance lighting is affected and not as visible. Dim the lights for the best affect. A basic light show is included at no extra cost. Up lighting is available at a small additional charge. Call for pricing.

Will you be the DJ and Emcee of our event?

You bet. I operate alone. On certain events I may have an assistant but only on rare occasions.

How do you handle music requests?

As long as the music requested is not offensive we are happy to play what you and guests want to hear. The DJ makes the decision between safe or tasteless. We make sure your guests feel comfortable making requests by inviting them to do so early in the evening.

Can I give my input when planning the event?

Yes! We would expect you to. It’s your special day and we want it to go as smoothly for you as possible. While we have the experience to handle your event we also value your input and suggestions. Planning the event can be fun and watching it all unfold as planned on the day of the event gives you and I, great satisfaction.

Will the DJ be expecting a tip?

Some tip the DJ and some don’t. Nothing says a job well done more than getting a little extra but it’s not required. If it’s your style and you were extremely pleased with the service, that call is yours.

Do you subcontract other DJ’s for your bookings?

No. In the event that we're already booked we may recommend other DJ services such as mine that we would trust to do a good job for you.

Why should we hire you?

We always answer this question without bashing the competition, some, even though competitors, may be friends of ours who we may recommend to you if we're unavailable on your date. Our years in business, music knowledge and professionalism speak for itself. That being said, we'd be honored to be your choice.